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Cloud Wars

The way we think about developing applications for the Web or Mobile is changing rapidly. Traditional IT Development is being put to the test, all thanks to the raging cloud wars between Google, Amazon & Microsoft’s Azure. And No, this is not a new Sci-Fi Trilogy coming to a cinema near you, but the ongoing […]

Ransomware – What to do?

Ransomware is back! For those who are unaware of what ransomware is, it’s a type of malicious software that has been created to block access to the victim’s data, or threatens to publish or delete it, until a ransom is paid. This essentially means that your company or clients private details could be released to […]

Expectations VS Reality: Software Development Myths Demolished!

It’s surprising how viewpoints of software development, within a working environment, are drastically different between client and developer. I began my development experience in 2016, after finishing a university degree where my on relation to computers was completing 3000 word essays on Microsoft word. Initially my only knowledge was a simple piece of coding, throw […]

Evolution of Humans, Businesses and their Mobile phones

Thinking about how much the social interaction of people and businesses has changed since the millennium is a fascinating concept. It’s changed how we talk to each other, how we perceive the world, how we travel, the way we relax and the way we buy things as well as many others. I just saw a […]