Ransomware – What to do?

Ransomware is back!

For those who are unaware of what ransomware is, it’s a type of malicious software that has been created to block access to the victim’s data, or threatens to publish or delete it, until a ransom is paid. This essentially means that your company or clients private details could be released to everyone and anyone. . . Quite the problem I know. Ransomware software has been known to lockdown many business’, and is crucial that everyone is made aware of what it does and how to prevent it. Previously ransomware crippled the NHS, hit international shipper FedEx and infected computers in 150 countries.

So, currently there is a ransomware attack circulating the globe negatively impacting companies called Petya or NotPetya. This strain has been circulating organisations with infections through a phishing email, which spread to all the computer systems within the network.

What to look out for in these Peyta Phishing emails:

    1. Email Subject of ‘Hi’
    1. A .zip or .scr file attachment called ‘gone’, containing the malicious software

What to do if you come across this file:

    1. Do NOT open it
    1. Do NOT click on any links it contains
    1. Delete it IMMEDIATELY
    1. You should IMMEDIATELY remove your network cable from your computer and call your usual service help provider if:
    • You may have accidently opened the email or clicked a link that appears suspicious
    • You are redirected to a page that was unexpected by clicking a link
    • You receive any unusual pop-up alerts informing you of a virus or equivalent
    • You find you are unable to open any of your documents which you have previously had access to

 Please do not ignore any unusual activity on your device, and remain vigilant until all security measures have been put into place.

If you have any concerns that you may be affected, please contact your normal service help provider.

If you are in any doubt with regards emails of this kind, do get in contact with a service helpline. You never know how vital your questions may be.

The team here in IMAC IT Solutions are always on the watch to prevent current issues such as ransomware within our products and services to ensure our clients product safety always.

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